Sophia's ReCycle Bike Gifting Program


"Hi, my name is Sophia.  I just got a brand new bike for my birthday, and I thought it would be a great idea to give my old bike to another girl whose family can’t afford to buy her one.  My friend Geoff at VeloScience Bike Works fixed it up and made it look really nice so we could give another girl a chance to ride bikes.

"But then I started thinking…what about all the other kids?  There must be lots of other girls like me that have new bikes and don’t use their old ones anymore.  So I started Sophia’s ReCycle Bicycle Gifting Program so I could help make lots of kids happy!"

Please consider donating your old bikes to benefit kids in need!  Call Geoff at VeloScience Bike Works to arrange a pickup, or you can drop them off at the store anytime.  We will fix them up and give them to the St. Stephen's Community House bike sharing program and other similar services, so children living in poverty can experience the joy of riding bikes.

VeloScience Bike Works:  (614)855-9590 or