Using our exclusive digital video data capture system, we can analyze your position and find solutions that will help you ride faster and more comfortably. More than any one upgrade you can do to your bike, fine-tuning your position can provide significantly more power, reduce your risk of injuries, improve your control, increase your comfort, and make your cycling far more enjoyable.

Bike fit is far more complex than it seems, and while great tools help, there is no substitute for deep knowledge and experience. Geoff has fitted thousands of cyclists, including Olympic medalists, world champions, and many top professionals. Call 614-855-9590 to schedule your fit session and learn what he can do for you!

Thanks for the fit. I have been on the trainer and so far so good. I’m planning to do a long road ride on Saturday. I did an 8 minute threshold power test (two 8 minute intervals used to calculate FTP) on December 4. I had a calculated FTP of 234. I repeated the test on Friday after our fit session and had an FTP of 266. I’m sure the position change had a lot to do with the increase!
— Doug McConaha
I wanted to take a moment and document my experience of being fitted on my bike by Geoff at VeloScience. I was truly skeptical that a bike fitting would make much of a difference in my rides. To complicate things I have some interesting physical challenges after a wreck last summer. I want to express how pleased I am! Geoff warned me that my first ride would be the most difficult, due to the adjustments forcing me to use different muscle groups. However, it was simply my best ride of the year, and I have continually improved, increasing my speed and mileage. Geoff took into account a leg-length discrepancy and other mobility issues to give me a more balanced, powerful, and enjoyable ride. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner - it feels like I got a new bike! I would highly recommend it to everyone. It has made a tremendous difference!
— Andy Morrow

I want you to know how much I appreciate your bike fitting.  I have been on several rides this past week and can notice a huge change, and improvement! 

The first ride felt quite different-not good or bad just different.  It has been many, many years since I have been able to ride on the hoods.  It is such a good feeling to spend a majority of the time on them now instead of the flats.  As a result of the seat adjustment my hips are no longer rocking and my power is coming from my thighs…not my hips! 

As you promised, I feel stronger and much more refreshed in my new position.  I should have seen you years ago.

Thanks again for all of your service.                              -Steve Lutz