upcoming group rides!

VeloScience Bike Works is proud to partner with The Cycling Club, based in New Albany, to offer a diverse weekly schedule of group rides.  Rides are graded on a scale of difficulty from A+ to D, with distance and terrain listed.  Whenever possible, we will also post an online map of the intended routes.  All B, C, and D rides will have at least one experienced leader.  

Regularly scheduled group rides are Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm.  Currently these rides are starting from the Methodist church parking lot on 3rd Street in New Albany.

Helmets and courtesy are required on all rides, no exceptions! Lights are also highly recommended. If in doubt about ride etiquette, please visit The Velominati to learn The Rules.  And excellent guide to bike safety can be found at Bikemunk.com

Our goal is to offer information on all the group rides that leave from New Albany every week.  If you would like your group ride to be listed, please e-mail us at hello@velosciencebikeworks.com