VeloScience Time Trial Series!

Come out and test your fitness every Wednesday evening this summer!  VeloScience is hosting an informal time trial series to give you a chance to win bragging rights and a higher threshold!

Where:  Old State Route 161.  Start is at the Park-and-Ride located just east of Beech Road.  Course goes east 4.4 miles to the turnaround just before Rt.310.  8.8 miles total distance

When: Every Wednesday evening at 7:30 (June 24 through September 2).  First rider rolls at 7:30, so please be checked in by 7:15.

How:  Riders will be started at 30-second intervals.  When checking in, please give your estimated finish time so we can establish a start order.  A holder will assist you with a neutral standing start.  Because we cannot close the road at the turnaround, your time will be measured in two 4.4-mile segments, with a 1-minute delay between so you can safely make a U-turn to begin the second half.  

This is an informal event, and we will not be charging any entry fees.  The series is open to all participants (kids under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian).  All first-time participants must sign a waiver of liability to be allowed to participate.  The road will be open to traffic, so the guiding rule is safety.  DO NOT pass another rider if you cannot safely do so due to traffic on the roads.  There is no victory worth risking the lives of yourself and others.  Drafting is illegal, and good sportsmanship is mandatory!

This TT should be great preparation for triathletes and time-trial specialists alike, or for anyone hoping to satisfy their need for competition.  Come join us for the fun!